Morphedit is a Windows patch editor for the E-MU Morpheus and Ultraproteus synthesisers, which were capable of great things but notoriously difficult to program from the front panel ("like painting the Sistine Chapel through a keyhole").


Morphedit was originally developed back in about 1994, and was hosted on a server owned by the Direct Connection ISP, who were taken over by Netscalibur, who were taken over by Claranet... and by then the page had dissapeared. I thought it might be nice to put the software back online somewhere, so here it is.


Morphedit was originally developed using Microsoft "Quick C" for Windows 3.X, and was a 16 bit application that didn't even support long file names. When Windows 95/98 arrived I did a small amount of development work to port it to Win32, support long file names, and allow it to build under Visual Studio. The version of Morphedit hosted here is that version.

I've briefly run it on XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 7, all using an M-Audio Midisport 4x4 MIDI interface. It seems to be working as expected, and all the UI controls work correctly as far as I can tell. Needless to say you download and use at your own risk, and there are no guarantees, implied warranties, or anything like that.

The original manual is here. Since it's an ancient document you'll have to pick your way through references to extinct Windows versions, ancient hardware  and so on.


You can download the binary package here. Note that the installer referred to in the manual no longer exists since all it did was copy the application files. Just unzip the package somewhere suitable like c:\apps\morphedit and run the application (morphnt.exe).


If anyone fancies playing around with it or fixing any bugs they find, the source code is here. It's a Visual Studio 6 project which I built under XP, but it should import into later Visual Studio versions OK. Note that the code is pure C / Win32 API, not even C++/MFC, so dust off your old copy of Petzold.


In case anyone is ever even vaguely interested the original FAQs are here.